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Changemaker: Yahya Ben Sliman

AMES Conference is a forum where where teachers, students, school administrators and representative from the ministry of education can network and exchange ideas on reforming the educational system and creating new methods of enhancing its performance.

The main goal behind the conference is to become an annual event that pursues the improvement of education in Morocco as well as bring to light and discuss its main challenges.

The conference also strives to encourage students to contribute to the educational system and give them a voice to express their concerns, in addition this forum will allow teachers and decision makers to directly reach out to students and discuss their feedback.

The conference included three main sessions: Success stories, Main Round-Table, plenary conference and workshops on personal development for the students.

Currently there is no forum in place, so this initiative is a first of its kind in Morocco. The first edition of this national event has been launched in 26-27 April 2013.


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