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Changemaker: Matheus Oretga

Criminality is an undeniable issue in metropolis such as Sao Paulo. Young teenagers are involved from early age with drug-trafficking in a context of misery and lack of proper education. In order to tackle this problem, the Project YES! proposes vocational courses that allow young interns to dream with a better future, by transforming their mindset with a educational program of career and personal guidance. Firstly, this project aims to generate awareness on the need of educating and orientating the young generation of criminals in the country. There will be a capacitating program for volunteers, so that there might be a proper intervention in the situation of the young interns. In partnership with the Family University and the Global Changemakers, this project will include several volunteers that will orientate approximately 80 young interns, with specific didactic material for each. After a 3-month program, there will be a mini documentary film to show the opinion of the young interns on the importance of this Community Action Project. We expect to transform the lives of the young interns, which were born in disordered communities and in midst of drugs (79% of the young interns have already proved marijuana), and so cause a ripple effect in the communities and in the entire city. The YES! Project is a bold and sensible project in the heart of Brazil that will tackle one of the worst problems the society faces today – criminality and the poverty cycle.


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