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Changemaker: Min Han Tun

VCD is directed to the underprivileged and street children who are out on the streets at the schooling age. According to a survey by NGOs, about one-third of the children near Yangon, most developed city in Myanmar, have seen, committed and experienced crimes, and violence because of their financial difficulties, lack of knowledge and morale. VCD addressed this through:

Education Activities: 1. classes for literacy and primary education 2. mobile library twice a week with story-telling, reading and writing competitions 3. Excursions to zoos, pagodas and museums 4. Three desktop computers to learn basic computer skills for 14 year-olds and above Awareness Activities: 1. Tree planting, including Go Green Myanmar CAP project, and giving environmental education 2. Mobile Clinic, by volunteer doctors for basic medical checkups and health awareness workshops 3. Workshops and counseling, including various topics on development and future careers.


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