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Changemaker: Shawntel Nieto

Country of Implementation: The Philippines

Up to this date, 16 million Filipinos still do not have access to electricity while 10 million Filipinos still do not have access to immediate, reliable, and affordable sources of potable water. As a response, BMB Solutions decided to manufacture and install an electricity-generating water filtration station that provides marginalized communities with immediate,sustainable, and affordable access to basic needs such as electricity and water. Through the water filtration station, BMB Solutions' Project Buhay (Life) provided up to 16 families or 100individuals in a marginalized community in Cainta, Rizal in the Philippines with daily access to electricity and potable water. In order to ensure proper usage and maintenance, BMB Solutions conducted a workshop on proper station usage and troubleshooting during the day of the station's installment. Apart from which, a quick workshop on disaster management was conducted. Two weeks after, a station check-up was conducted while workshops on water conservation and proper electricity conservation was conducted. The participants include the100 direct beneficiaries of the station as well as other members of the community interested in learning about water and electricity. BMB Solutions hopes to be able to replicate their project in other partner communities in Cainta as well as in other marginalized communities in the Philippines.


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