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Changemaker: Maria Drăgoi

Country of Implementation: Romania

Homeschooling families from Romania have suffered too much because of the lack of learning resources in their native language and the complicated procedures of enrolling their kids into international umbrella schools, without the knowledge of English, the language of great curriculums and of the websites they access to register the young learners into untraditional schools. Ten Muses is an organization that answers to this challenge thousands of parents are having trouble with right now, by creating an online platform that teaches Romanian elementary school students and their parents the basics of the English Language. Through a customizable ebook that lets the parents choose the children’s favorite activities, careers they are interested in, amount of time spent studying and a style of learning, they get 10 weeks worth of theory and practice of English in a fun, interdisciplinary context. Moreover, kids participate in biweekly reading clubs, work on a team project together and get one on one meetings with a trainer that gives them concrete feedback on where they are on their learning journey. Hopefully, by the end of the first 10 weeks of the full program, 15 children and their families will grasp what is mandatory for understanding basic English language, giving them access to a wealth of free resources at hand. 

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