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facilitation tools

for changemakers

Lifetime access to over 40 downloadable ice-breakers, group energisers and team building activities for in person and online events. It also includes lessons on how to facilitate group work and events virtually and in person!

in this incredible resource, you'll get...

Over 40 downloadable ice breakers, energisers and team building exercises for in person and remote gatherings.

Both written and video instructions, with video demonstrations.

PDF guide on when and how to use the ice-breakers and activities, with real life scenarios. 

PDF guide on group facilitation with tips, best practices and real life examples. 

Mobile Friendly on Android and IOS.

24/7 Unlimited lifetime access.

BONUS: Video lessons on how to facilitate and work with groups, and on all things virtual teamwork, events and meetings from choosing a platform to tips and best practices.


Global Changemakers has organised, led and 

facilitated successful events, workshops and group activities across five continents and online since 2007 - training thousands of young people globally.

Developed in collaboration with changemakers from around the world, we have combined 13 years of experience and our favourite ice-breakers and team building activities into one, complete resource to support you.

Are you looking for something to do while #socialdistancing? Listen to our podcast or watch a free webinar!

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