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Join our Communications Team - Become an Outreach Volunteer

If you are independent, flexible, engaged and curious about working with an international NGO that impacts thousands of young changemakers, consider volunteering for Global Changemakers.

We will be recruiting new outreach volunteers every two months. The next volunteering term will be from July 8th to December 12th and we will accept applications for the next group of volunteers until

June 24th.

About us:

Global Changemakers is an international youth organisation and global pioneer in supporting youth-led sustainable development.


Our mission is to support youth to create positive change towards more inclusive, fair and sustainable communities. We do this by providing skills development, capacity building, mentoring and grants. To date, we have trained thousands of young people in over 180 countries through both online and in-person training. We have also provided grants to over 400 youth-led projects which have had a combined impact on over 8,3 million people.


We have different opportunities depending on your abilities, interests and motivation. They all require at least 2h a week of remote work. You will have an opportunity to:

  • Become part of an international, multicultural and diverse youth network 

  • Have some insights on the day-to-day work of an international youth organization

  • Gain an innovative perspective of world issues from diverse points of view 

  • Be trained on different topics depending on the position

  • Get points which can be later on exchanged by rewards such as scholarships and social media features

  • Work remotely in a virtual setting while staying connected to a team. 


We have seen a huge surge in young people standing up and taking action on issues that affect them. To reach those young people with our support and resources, we created the Outreach Volunteers Programme. The idea behind enlisting Outreach Volunteers is to expand our reach in communities around the world by building a team of motivated people who can help us by sharing our content and reaching out to young changemakers directly.

What you would need to do:

  • There are between 5 and 10 required tasks, which involve using social media and directly reaching out to people about our programmes as well as supporting our Communications Manager in the launch of new programmes.

  • There are additional optional tasks with which you are welcome to help if you would like. Each task counts for a certain number of points which correspond to extra rewards such as scholarships and discounts.

  • Complete an evaluation survey at the end of your volunteering term.

Who can apply? 

  • Anyone between 15 and 30 years old

  • People who regularly use at least 2 social media platforms with a combined total of at least 500 friends/followers

  • People who have at least 2 hours available weekly during the programme period

  • People who have access to the internet and Google services (Gmail etc)

Benefits for all outreach volunteers:

  • Work experience with a well-respected global brand

  • Get connected with your fellow volunteers from around the world.

  • List us as volunteer work experience on social media, LinkedIn, and on your CV/Resume

  • Improve your communications skills with access to two free trainings on Social Media for Social Impact and Promoting Your Social Good Project

  • Get a coupon code that allows you, your friends, and connections 5USD discounts on all courses on Changemakers School.



We have designed a rewards system based on how many bonus tasks you are able to support us with.

Benefits based on the bonus tasks you complete:

  • Application and programme fee discounts (up to 100%)

  • A letter proving that you have volunteered with us

  • A shout out on social media (160K+ audience)

Please note: this is a virtual position, meaning that you will work online. There is no travel associated with this role.

Timeline for the next volunteering term: 

  • We will accept applications for the next term until June 24th.

  • Selection will take place from June 30th - July 5th.

  • Notification emails will be sent on 6 - 7 July.

  • Accepted applicants will volunteer from July 8th to December 12th.

If you would like to apply to become an Outreach Volunteer, complete a short application form by clicking the blue button below.

Applications close at midnight on 24 June 2021.

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