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Mobilizing young changemakers

from across the globe:

“The power of YOUth will drive

the future of education”

Education is at the heart of equipping youth with the knowledge and tools they need to uplift their communities and change the world. Consequently, it is crucial to include young people in the reflections and decision-making processes that directly affect them -- “nothing about us, without us”. In this spirit, UNESCO has been partnering up with several organizations from across the globe to collect youth perspectives on the futures of education. Global Changemakers is one of them and we invite you to learn more about their work and their community’s perspectives.

In the framework of the Futures of Education research and visioning phase, Global Changemakers held three focus group consultations (in English and Spanish) with 102 participants from all over the world, with very diverse backgrounds and a wide range of ages. Such plurality aimed at ensuring that the mobilization process was inclusive and relevant. Each online dialogue provided space and time to tackle four core areas, namely Human and planetary sustainability; Knowledge production, access and governance; Citizenship and participation; and Work and economic security.

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