Changemaker: Anastasiia Marsheva

Country of Implementation: Germany and Russia

We should not take peace for granted. It is the responsibility of youth to reflect on the past and to improve relationships between countries in order to create a better future, because the future is in the hands of youth. According to the state of things nowadays, it is hard to imagine how relationships between countries are going to develop. There is still a gap between young Eastern and Western Europeans, because of prejudices and lack of interpersonal contact possibilities. Pandemic has also confirmed how important online events are, because all of the school travels and exchange programmes had to be rescheduled or cancelled. The goal of the new project “Youth Dialogue Across Europe” is to create an online platform for school students from Eastern and Western Europe to get together, to learn from each other and to work together on projects in the field of intercultural communication. You can find more information or gain insight into the project on an instagram page: @youthdialogueacrosseurope

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