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Changemaker: Benjamin Loh

Many people would think of Singapore as a beautiful, green, developed and orderly city. But few would instinctively think of Singapore as a country of people who are vocal, caring or even happy (Quote – ‘Singapore Ranks No 1 on ‘Unhappy’ Index ‘ In the course of my work, I feel this cannot be farther from the truth. As a nation, we may be driven by progress and development as a promise of a better future. Yet, I know likewise people who care less about the dollars and cents but more so, about the “intangibles” in life like education, spirituality, civil rights, women rights, LGBT equality, environmental, adventure, culture and the arts etc. My project, ‘You Speak, Singapore Listens’ (YSSS) is about giving these deserving voices and personalities a necessary national and even, global platform. Through this project, my vision is to raise awareness among apathetic Singaporeans that there is more to what we think make up our life equations – jobs, houses, wages and livelihood. I envision Singaporeans to be more sensitized to a myriad of issues and be motivated to take action in both big and small ways. I truly believe any action is better than inaction or at its worst, apathy and cynicism.


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