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Yamilli- India

Yamilli started a foundation called Siree, which means Smile in the regional language of Tamil, India. Siree works towards the Sustainable Development Goals in India, particularly in the Education, Inequality and Economic Development goals.

In Education- Siree has connected with more than 100 odd children in District government schools where they volunteer to teach/ have sessions on awareness campaigns like mental health, girl child education and safe abortion and sexual health practices. Working on Inequality- Siree has initiated Kisan to uplift farmers, facilitate their inclusion in supply chains and increase their incomes. They are currently operating in 2 cities with over 60 farmers.

Most recently, Siree hosted a donation drive to raise money for healthcare masks and soaps for the urban poor to limit the spread of COVID-19, where they were able to raise INR10,000 ($150). They also combined the distribution of the masks with information sessions on coronavirus protection, prevention and best practices.

She has also worked with the National Service Scheme and as a volunteer with Teach For India in the education sector.


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