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Changemaker: Grace Molefe

Country of Implementation: Lesotho

We as YAFID (Young Adults Fighting Depression) identified a problem in our community that most young people seem to be faced with, the problem being the struggle with mental health. Upon identifying this problem, we decided to take action by helping young people in our country struggling with mental illnesses but having no where to turn to.

We have lost a lot of youth to depression, have a lot of our peers struggling with anxiety, suffering from bipolar disorder, but are afraid of speaking out because of the fear of judgement.

YAFID provides a safe space that people can reach out to, and get the support and assistance that

they need, free of judgement, but instead full of love and understanding. It is time that the topic of

Mental health in Lesotho is taken seriously, and we as YAFID are already present to see that change take


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