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Changemakers: Ziyad El Mouniri, Shucao Mo, Ngonde Modube, Cristina Caraus, Niesrina Nadhifah, Mehak Adil, Mai Shbeta, Shaameeen Imran, Raquel Silva

Women Empowerment: Walking Across the Borders, raised

awareness of women’s rights

in Morocco, Pakistan, Brazil, China, The United States, Cameroon, Israel, Indonesia,

Moldova, and Sierra Leone. In order to achieve this goal, it redefines biased gender-related

terms; it changes the way men look at women and the way women think of themselves by

producing WEWAB T-shirts with special T-shirts in Israel, Morocco, and the US; it builds

girls’ leadership workshop to strengthen women’s confidence in Indonesia and Sierra

Leone; it invites successful women as speakers to give talks and lead discussions in

Pakistan; it holds charity concerts in Moldovan, and it shows how women can be just as

successful and apt as men in various domains.


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