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The School of Young Women Politicians

Changemaker: Marina Kornikhina

Women’s participation in political life marks stable and balanced development of modern society. The statistics says that those governments who have less than 25-30% of women fail in solving community problems (children’s rights, women and children safety and health, etc.) well. There should be a gender balance in all administrative structures. What else is important – the number of YOUNG women-politicians: if young ladies are not interested in politics because of the existing stereotypes then the gap between the numbers of representatives might grow even more.

A school to prepare young women-politicians is a continuous project that has been involving women since 2010. The goal is to provide informational and methodical support for young women, who possess abilities for professional political activities; development of their social leadership skills, assistance in competitive entering of public institutions and in further career growth. We have decided to work on this topic because we believe that growth of female influence on politics and economy of the state is caused by increasing public activity, and level women’s intelligence. Our project stimulates self-actualization, development of self-respect and self-appraisal, determination of one’s own role in the society. Participation of women in political life is a term of sustainable and harmonious development of society. We will do our best to disclose potential of young women that will help to overcome barriers and increase the number of women in political institutions. A balanced program of project activities stimulates women’s harmonious development, paying special attention to the aspect of family and maternity, because it is crucial to preserve the prestige of family in a modern society. The program of activities is created by young women for women, concerning female peculiarities and traits. And our participants will have a chance to combine theoretical knowledge with practical assignments. Society needs not just theoretically – educated politicians, but also spiritually – developed, confident and ambitious specialists in politics. The increase of number of well – educated, intelligent women – young specialists, aiming at moving up the career ladder in the political field of our society, following the laws of moral and ethics, will help to develop regional and national state. Successful in career and family life ladies will become the agents of change and stabilization in our society.


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