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Teachers Training

Changemaker: Santo Khamis

Juba west area have estimated population of forty thousand (40 000) and more according to 2005 census results. The area have good number of primary schools in each payam managed mostly by untrained teachers who are interested and committed to help the population but they lack the teaching methodology techniques for delivering the subjects since most of them have low profile in education. Due to the high demand in the country, it is difficult for the state government to manage the training needs of the teachers and that is the reason, the Teachers are left to struggle on their own. THE TRAINING OBJECTIVES The teacher should; •perceive his/her role as an agent of social change in the community. •perceive his/her role not as a leader of the children but also that of a guide to the community •not only use but also help in the conversation of environmental resources and preservation of historical monuments and other cultural heritage •possess a warm and positive attitude towards growing children and their academic socio-emotional and personal problems and have the skills to guide and counsel them. •develop an understanding of the objectives of school education •develop understanding, interests, attitudes and skills to foster all around growth and development of children •develop competence to teach the basis of the accepted principles of learning and teaching . Specific Objectives To develop the following understanding in teachers: •Knowledge of the structure and function in society of the different types and processes of social interaction in undertaking the problems relating to human relationships. •Understanding the problem of growing children’s development and learning. •Knowing evaluative techniques. SKILLS To develop the following skills in the teachers:- •Ability to use various methods of teaching with special reference to the subjects of specialization. •Ability to translate broad objectives of primary education in terms of specific programs and activities in relation to the curriculum •Ability to organize the co-curricular activities •Skills for effective communication. THE COURSE The course content will be developed and delivered by the state ministry of education training department. The training will take place between Saturday 2nd June 2012 – Sunday 10th June 2012 or Saturday 8th September 2012 – Sunday 16th September 2012 for five days. LOCATION The Training workshop will take at Kuda Primary School 28 miles off Juba Mundari road. THE TEACHERS The teachers (participants) are selected from different schools at least 45 primary teachers across the region to start with. The total number of training hours for the program is forty 40. The Global Change Makers Team in South Sudan and Juba west Development Committee agree that the risks involved in facilitating the training program in the rural area is high and agree to work closely to mitigate the risks and ensure the trainer is provided with a high level of duty of care throughout the training program. In order to achieve this the Global Change Makers Team and the Development Committee will conduct an assessment of the expected risks and determine the strategies that will be employed to mitigate them, The organizing committee will fully brief the trainers prior the commencement of training and ensure that the trainer has read understood completed and signed the risk assessment form.


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