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Changemaker: Cartwright Libanda

Country of Implementation: Zambia

Kafue, a semi-urban area of Zambia, still has a huge percentage of children not attending school or dropping out due to poverty, gender discrimination in homes, and a lack of knowledge about the value of education. To solve this problem, Cartwright Libanda and his team embarked on a project to improve the conditions of the community around them. To implement this, a project called ‘Take A Child to School’ will be initiated on 21st December 2020 in which a team of youths will be trained on effective communication skills; informed of the current status of the community; and initiated as ambassadors of the project vision. The project implementation will inculcate many activities, which include community meetings and door-to-door

campaigns to educate the community on the impact of education on community and national development, as well as motivational talks and mentorship for children at St John Community School and Kalundu View Community School. Cartwright and his team will also serve as advocates for better school services and infrastructure for children with special needs and disabilities. Furthermore, to help the most vulnerable children (7 to 16 years) of the community, a car wash business will be started to generate funds for scholarships. To achieve these goals, notable and influential members of the community have been engaged, including district education officers and community leaders at different levels. About 8 spinoff projects are expected to mushroom from this CAP, which is expected to run for 7 to 8 months and, later, renewed with a new set of goals depending on the achievements after evaluation.


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