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Sudan Resilience Expressions

Changemaker: Abdallatif Eltayeb

Country of Implementation: Sudan

"Sudan Resilience Expressions" is a project designed to address the post-war challenges faced by Sudanese communities. In the wake of a devastating ongoing war, our project aims to bring peace, unity, and healing to Sudan. Over six months, we will implement a series of activities, including peace-building workshops, resource and capacity building, cultural events, and the creation of a digital platform to display all forms of community expressions including stories of resilience. Our project recognizes the resilience of Sudanese communities and seeks to empower activists, young leaders, and artists to endure, heal, operate, and rebuild in the face of conflict. By fostering understanding, promoting social cohesion, and addressing the emotional toll of war, "Sudan Resilience Expressions" is dedicated to building a brighter future for Sudan.



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