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Changemaker: Peace Ugwuanyi Chimdindu

Countries of Implementation: Nigeria and Cameroon

The issue of Child Sexual Abuse is on the rise in Africa, about 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys

boys will be sexually abused before 18. This affects the life of so many children negatively

even as adults; mental health, academics, amongst other.

With a personal experience, Peace was pushed to do something about this problem.

Teaming up with others, Peace started an organization SpeakOut Africa, which is focused

on preventing child sexual abuse in Africa.

They do this through hosting Educative school programs for teachers and students, rural

outreaches teaching parents how to protect their and create a great growing environment

for them. Their aim is to reduce the statistics drastically one step at a time.

SpeakOut Africa currently has an online platform that shares educative materials and

creates more awareness on child sexual abuse. For more information check our Facebook

page : Speak Out Africa Movement


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