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Sparkle Green Vietnam

Changemaker: Trang Thu Tran

Sparkle project is designed with the aim of raising the awareness of children at the age of 10 to 15 – (in secondary school), including poor children about the environmental protection in Vietnam. There is a great demand of children coming from many parts of Da Nang city need to be educated about the environmental issues in Vietnam. Increasingly, environmental concerns are placed in the spotlight.

The project believes that young children are the future of the society and giving children the right foundation on environmental concerns will help them become better citizens of the world, as they will be encouraged to make the planet a safer place to live for generations to come. During 3 intensive days training program and 7 day course, the project aims to communicate with not only children but also the youth to provide them with the best tools to protect the environment and unleash the potential of Vietnamese young leaders. Within the scope of project, all children will be able to participate in interactive lessons, group discussions, fun games and activities relating to environment protection. Sparkle approaches the issue in a non-academic ways, making it easy for students to learn and apply the knowledge and skills into their lives. Furthermore, by integrating English language as a lingua franca into each lesson, Sparkle project hopes to straighten the bond to act on a common cause among people from all over the world.

More than 80 children and 20 young students in Da Nang will be joining the project. The project is expected to empower more young people and to be expanded nationwide in the future.


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