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Slightly Scarlet

Changemaker: Leo Lau

The Business Society of Sing Management University (SMU), more commonly known as Bondue, aims to work in line with Habitat for Humanity to raise funds for the underprivileged people around the world through the organization of a fashion show. This event has been named Slightly Scarlet. We recognize the increase in numbers of natural disasters around the world in recent times, such as the earthquake that has devastated much of Japan, and thus the increased need for the humanitarian efforts. We strongly believe that Habitat for Humanity has been actively contributing to this cause and we hope to lend a helping hand by donating all of the profits of our event to the organization.

Featuring a fashion show as the highlight of the event, Slightly Scarlet aims to promote and generate interest in fashion amongst the huge SMU student community. Also, awareness of the humanitarian cause and efforts of Habitat for Humanity will be raised as we look to infuse fashion with charity, in which we will see 100% of our profits go to our beneficiary. In addition, Slightly Scarletaims to develop an appreciation for aesthetics and the arts with various performances that will run throughout the programme in between different fashion brand showcases. These performances will include dance troupes, band performances and singing ensembles.

We will be targeting a number of 500 participants to grace this event as we reach out to the SMU Business school population of 4000. Our past Bondue events have seen turnouts of up to over 600 participants and we expect no less this time round. Furthermore, we hope to raise a target amount of $15,000.


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