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Changemaker: Marina de Barros

Rabicó is a project that gives extra-classes to kids with bad grades and for those who can’t follow the normal classes, we teach kids english and we also build libraries in schools in poor areas of Brasília. But why? Because in the PISA exam Brazil was in the place 53 of the world ranking (ranking made by 65 countries) and we didn’t reached the average grade of OCDE (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) . Because lots of people get to the 6th grade without really know how to read and write. Because there’s the necessity to give the children from less favoured areas a real chance of growing, so in the future they have conditions to compete equally with people that had better conditions on their childhood. We want to show them that the knowledge is not only for getting better grades, but also to make them better citizens who will contribute to the future of the nation.


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