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Changemaker: Favour Eragbie Ochuwa

Country of Implementation: Nigeria, Kenya and Malawi

Young people come from different communities where they experience the impacts of climate change firsthand and still witness activities driving the loss of biodiversity in these communities. With our planet’s biodiversity facing unprecedented challenges there is a need to turn the tide on pollution in our communities and restore ecosystems.

The Pledge for Nature project uses education to drive behavioral changes and empower young people to move from knowledge to action to achieve the required goals towards nature restoration.

The impacted community of this project is K-12 students (ages 3-17) who complete elementary and high school programs and nearly do not learn how they can contribute to a sustainable planet. The project will provide each student an opportunity to learn and dispel myths surrounding climate action. They will be educated through our workshops to assess their impact on nature and halt degradation so that overall nature starts to recover. 

Favour Eragbie is teaming up with a diverse team of volunteers at Friends of Nature Network where they will educate to unleash the potential of these young students to begin to lead change in their communities. This project will run from January to November in 2024 across Nigeria, Kenya, and Malawi to help build societies living in harmony with nature with young people acting as changemakers for people and the planet. See our page for more information and impact stories -


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