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Patience - Malawi

Patience started working with communities for impact as a teenager. She has volunteered as a tutor, mentor, educator, community mobilizer, nutrition assistant, activity mentor etc. Currently, she is a nutritionist and educator at Kamuzu Central Hospital, working with Baylor College of Medicine Children's foundation - Malawi. All her experiences inspired her to set up her NGO, Fount for Nations in June 2015.

The organization strengthens education and hospital systems by empowering teachers with skills and tools to better engage students to achieve learning outcomes that impact the educators, learners and their families including and particularly children with special education needs and hospitalized children. She works with a dedicated team of 15 youth volunteers that facilitate weekly creative arts sessions, home visits, and parent sessions. These volunteers also plan and execute showcases for differently abled learners that attract an audience of 500+ people who appreciate what the differently abled children can do. The team also facilitates daily play therapy and academic sessions for about 80 hospitalized children a day including cancer, malnutrition, surgical and orthopaedic patients.

Patience wants to use the platform to form networks and partnerships so that she is able to scale her models to 18 schools and 5 hospitals across the country.

She is inspired by all the children that discover for themselves and show others how amazing they are.


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