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My Teen Life

Changemaker: Esinam Amuzu

Country of Implementation: Ghana

Young people (especially girls) in Afro Adjei and its surrounding communities have to choose between walking miles to high school or dropping out of school. Many choose the latter and drop out. Not only that, but many become victims of teenage pregnancy. This issue has been ongoing for a long time, with the current statistics reporting that 1 out of 5 girls drop out of school before completing junior high or high school. Even among those who do not become teen mothers, many fall victims to early or forced marriages, or become child labourers. Others contract sexually transmitted infections like syphilis and Gonorrhoea. This has caused a slow rate of development for the people of Afro Adjei.

To reduce and revert this trend, Ms. Amuzu and some volunteers are preparing to start the “My teen life Project.” The project seeks to:

1. Improve information on sexual and reproductive health amongst young people in Afro Adjei and its surrounding communities 2. Provide youth-friendly services to sexually active young people in the communities, e.g. family planning services 3. Provide skills training for teen mothers for productivity and better care for themselves and their families 4. Provide mentorship programmes for girls in school 5. Educate parents, guardians, and all stakeholders on the need to support and help girls achieve their full potential in life 6. Educate and encourage parents to talk to their children about sex and reproduction from an early age, to end the cycle of them getting false information form peers.


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