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Meghana - India

Meghana is the founder of the NGO, Make The World Wonderful, which envisions a world where people live in harmony.

Meghana strongly believes that a lot of problems in the world are interwoven, and that they stem from the lack of harmony. She and her team are working towards spreading harmony in the world.

Realizing that children are the grassroots of society and that any change had to begin with the children, Meghana started a pilot (CAP) with 50 underprivileged children. Raising each child with utmost respect, love and care, she has built the harmony that she wishes to see in society, within these children.

Also believing in accountability, Meghana has set up a 100% Transparency system, where all of the organization’s finances, policies and programs and open to the public on the website.

The success of the pilot project has already earned them over 10,000 supporters across India in just 1 year, including government officials and respected professionals.

Meghana is currently in India, studying a long-distance BBA course so that she can spend most of her time working towards her passion of building harmony, while also achieving her academic degrees.

With her wide support network and passionate team, Meghana is looking forward to spread harmony across the world.


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