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Latrine Project

Changemaker: Shah Chowdhury

Country of Implementation: Bangladesh

Access to proper sanitation facilities is a major community problem in rural communities, especially the coastal regions, of Bangladesh. The Rohingya Refugee Crisis in 2017 highlightedthis problem, with over hundreds of thousands of refugees suffering from lack of latrinefacilities in camps and adjacent areas. In light of the situation, Footsteps Foundation launched'The Latrine Project' to address this problem in Bangladesh. The organization began to buildcyclone resistant latrines in different rural coastal regions of Bangladesh, beginning withKutupalong region of Ukhiya in south western Bangladesh, where over 200,000 people do nothave access to proper latrine facilities. After setting up these latrines, community memberswere educated on both the importance of such systems and how to maintain them properly.Footsteps has initially set up 14 latrine systems, and is continuing to set up more in Kutupalongas well as other regions of Bangladesh in order to completely eradicate the sanitation problemall over Bangladesh.

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