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La Movida

Changemaker: Andres Chester

Children and teenagers who live in underprivileged areas in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires (Argentina) usually live in a context of poverty, lack of education, substance abuse and crime. In this sense, they tend to be part of large families, and are educated by parents (mostly very young in age) and institutions which are not able to provide the support they require in order to pursue fulfilling lives. Consequently, children and teenagers raised in this context can hardly improve their living conditions and, as a result, they cannot lead lives which will help them develop better living conditions for them or their families. In order to change this, La Movida aims to teach children and teenagers who live in this context that developing interests in life, and working in order to develop skills in such interests leads to a more fulfilling life. In this sense, La Movida is a project which pursues a change in the culture of children and teenagers, promoting values such as hard work, responsibility and team work through music. The main activity carried out by La Movida is the provision of percussion instrument lessons for children and teenagers living in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires (Argentina) once a week. La Movida also aims to provide an atmosphere in which children and teenagers can feel comfortable in order to (a) discuss certain personal issues and (b) feel part of a group of friends. Andy Inchausti, one of the leading percussionists in Argentina, is the musical director of La Movida.


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