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Kemo - Gambia

I am currently Working with SOS Children's Villages. My areas of interest are youth work and community development. My areas of activism include: Illegal Migration, Poverty and Hunger relief. These issues have breached into our society and with their presence it is impossible to achieve a 'healthy society' with respect to the millennium development Goals. Illegal Migration has become the order of everyday for the youths in most rural areas of our country. We formed an association, a movement against illegal Migration to spread the dangers of this journey. Prominent skill centers in our locality are stakeholders likewise the government and NGO's to help members build up their capacity and effect change. My goal is to boast a rapid change in my community, the prevailing economic activity is basically Agriculture which is futile without the youths to partake and bring a rapid socioeconomic growth which will impact our lives and thus change the stereotype that leads to the 'Back Way'.

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