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Kamran - Azerbaijan

Kamran is the co-founder of AYDO, member of AIESEC and American Alumni Assosiacion. In AYDO, they mainly focus on youth, organizing clubs, projects and activities for a safe working and studying atmosphere, giving the youth a chance to learn, lead and become a future member of AYDO. They believe that having this hands-on experience provides wider look to the real world and the challenges the students should be prepared for in the future. His main focuses are education, clean environment, human rights and equality. He spent his last 4 years working with AAA and AIESEC organizing conversation clubs, conferences, community and environment oriented projects and later, co-founded AYDO with his friend Murad to fulfil their mutual dream. He also supports many different projects as a singer for charity concerts, anchorman or a volunteer. In summit, he plans to set new goals, work on new project ideas and later, realize them with his team and share his experience with the members and the club attendees of AYDO.


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