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Changemaker: Clinton Okechukwu

Country of Implementation: Nigeria

Many people in the Makoko community in Lagos, Nigeria, are severely affected by cataracts which leads to

a vast number of recorded blindness among the community members. A team of volunteers led by

Clinton Okechukwu put together a cataract awareness campaign that would educate the people of Makoko about the dangers and proper care and management of cataracts.

The I-CARE Campaign, an acronym for Initializing cataract awareness in rural environments, taking place in March 2023. Participants of this project are qualified health practitioners, professional health advocates, and ophthalmologists whose goal is to provide better vision to the lives of the beneficiaries.

The project provides beneficiaries with the right knowledge to prevent and manage cataracts and free cataract surgeries will be carried out for affected members.

Along with the financial support of Global Changemakers, the I-CARE Campaign is supported by the CGI U through mentoring, the Millennium fellowship, the savvy fellowship with international and local publicity, and Adetula Opticals Eye Clinic providing qualified surgeons to be a part of this project.


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