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Changemaker: Gusti Budiarta

Country of Implementation: Indonesia

Malang is a city that depends on agriculture. Each year, agricultural production continues to decline due to the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. On the other hand, the agricultural profession have less attention in young people so they don't pay attention to environment and agriculture issues even though they live very close to the agriculture environment. FARMERHOOD social projects will facilitate communication between farmers and young people so they can exchange experiences and information. Young people will feel how to be a farmer. The target of his project is high school student around Malang. FARMERHOOD will also provide organic farming training. This project will raise awareness in young generation that they can produce their own food without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Other activities are discussion with organic agriculture experts. Their minds will be open about sustainable agriculture. FARMERHOOD also undertake activities to manage organic waste into compost. We are in cooperation with GREENATIC for social media publication. Besides, we also cooperate with VIGUR ORGANIK and MATRIA MEDIKA in building our social communities.

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