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Changemaker: Pimentel

Country of Implementation: Brazil

The Vou Assim School Project is a project for the professionalization of LGBTQIA+ people that uses fashion, graphic design, and creative direction courses, to organize the insertion of these individuals in the field of culture. Vou Assim is a collective that performs employability propositional actions, representativeness, and LGBTQIA+ sociocultural demands.

It appeared in 2016 as a thrift store for second-hand clothes, mined in the northern part of São Paulo by the founder of the Pimentel collective, which began producing fashion editorials aimed at promoting the sale of the pieces and questioning gender and sexuality issues attributed to clothing. From this, Pimentel begins to notice the quantities of peripheral LGBTQIA+ (models, producers, directors, designers, photographers, makeup artists) around her needing to enter the labor market and begins to idealize the project LGBTQIA+ wants work, which professionalized more than 50 LGBTQIA+ people, thinking about how to insert these people in the job market, the SOU ASSIM Platform ( is born, which gives visibility to the portfolio of these people as well as our project courses. In 5 years of operation, we have already professionalized more than 90 people and generated work fronts here in our project for more than 200 LGBTQIA+ people.


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