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Changemaker: Marina Castellino

Country of Implementation: Argentina

Argentine youth is growing up in a country that is in constant economic, social, and political crisis and they feel that they do not have tools or spaces to counteract this situation. To change this, the Líderes de Ansenuza Foundation created “COMPROMETIDXS” a program design to inspire young people to become political and social leaders and to foster active citizenship.

Comprometidxs is organising a competition that combines empirical and practical tools, where participants and organisers alike share the vision of a country with active citizenship that is committed to exploring solutions to the crises that are being experienced.

The meetings are held in virtual platforms due to the pandemic, but that won’t stop Comprometidxs. We gave workshops on critical thinking, ethics and values, public speaking, negotiation, and conflict During the first stage, the participants meet weekly challenges that range from writing formal documents to filming themselves giving speeches. All challenges are evaluated and posted.

In the second stage, the participants are divided into teams led by a mentor. Each group will survey a local problem framed in the Sustainable Development Goals and draw up a draft ordinance with a possible solution to it. This brings us to the third stage, in which the teams present their proposals to a jury.

From the points obtained in the personal and group challenges, 3 winners of the competition will be awarded. Beyond the formal winners, all participants could take tools that will be applied in the different spaces of citizen participation. The Foundation will institutionally accompany the bills to be presented.


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