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Caroline - Luxembourg

Caroline was born and raised in Luxembourg. At the moment, she lives in Switzerland and studies Food Science. This not only educates her about food production and processing, but also the environment and health. Most important to her are equality and fairness, in every aspects. She also cares about sustainability and the effects that politics have on our planet. She wants to help anyone in need, which is why she's active for Young Caritas in Luxembourg, and a member of the Discovery Semester team, which allows refugees to study at Swiss universities. In the past, she's been active in a lot of smaller groups, organising different events including sports, Fairtrade and solidarity, as well as tutoring peers. Personal interests include sports, art and music, as well as volunteering. In the future, she wants to fight hunger and diseases, achieve more equality, educate our society on important issues, and help as many people as possible.

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