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Anaina - India

Anaina is a passionate photographer, advanced scuba diver and budding social activist from India. Currently, she is on a gap year and will be studying Media Arts and Sciences. She runs a social enterprise called, ‘My World of Colours’ to promote art literacy and create employment for underprivileged children. Primarily a volunteer driven enterprise, that works with street schools, conducts art workshops, curates on-the-ground exhibitions and leverage an online B2C platform for the sale of the children’s artworks. As an avid traveller, she has enjoyed learning about different cultures breaking her own barriers. She collaborated with Oxfam to create a photography-based fundraiser and raised more than 30 thousand US dollars for the victims of the Nepal Earthquake. She has also worked with digital hillside studio in Lesotho, Africa connecting the youth and media through filmmaking. Presently, she is working as an intern with UN Women in Malawi.


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