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free- Menstruation, sexual, and reproductive health course

Lifetime access to FREE, comprehensive, inclusive lessons with factual, science-based information for ALL young people! Join a safe space where you can learn, connect, and ask questions about menstruation, sexual, and reproductive health for young people, by young people.

in this comprehensive 

course, you will learn ...

The menstrual cycle, its phases, and PMS

Anatomy, including the reproductive organs, hormones, and pregnancy

Psychological perspectives to health, such as the emotional aspects of sexuality, peer pressure, and self-love

Fertility and contraception


Rape and sexual abuse, including consent, reporting, and finding support

Gender identity

IT IS...

Mobile Friendly on Android and iOS

Available 24/7 with lifetime access

COMPLETELY FREE! Global Changemakers supports the need for free, inclusive sexual education.

Global Changemakers has organised, led and 

facilitated successful events, workshops and group activities across five continents and online since 2007, training thousands of young people globally.

Developed in collaboration with changemakers from around the world, we have combined a range of perspectives and skillsets into one, complete resource to support you in navigating your menstruation, sexual and reproductive health.

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