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Young Changemakers taking a workshop.

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Ankit tripathi India.jpg

Ankit Tripathi


Close to Ankit's home in India, there used to be a giant heap of garbage, piling up and rising every single day. Witnessing the poor waste management in his town, plus the threatening effects of climate change and single use plastic, he decided to take action. Then, Uneako was born. It is a movement to create environmental awareness. Through their wide range of eco-friendly, non-plastic, climate positive products, they are encouraging people to have a more sustainable lifestyle.

Evelyn (NotebookEveryChild).jpeg

Evelyn Nakawuka

A notebook for every child, Uganda

Evelyn was also struck by a pressing problem in her country. In Uganda, a poor child barely goes to school. Even when they do, they face several challenges, including the lack of access to stationary materials, which prevents them from effectively learning and growing. To mitigate those challenges, Evelyn has created the project "A Notebook for Every Child", which provides notebooks for the ongoing school children in order to support them in their education. The project also empowers the youth in the community by teaching them to make their own notebooks, which will then be distributed to other children.


Kritika Jain

SOLE, India

In the past few decades, the use of harmful chemicals have increased drastically. They became the major ingredient of every manufactured product and are now ruling our house, our workplace, our parks and surroundings. To deal with this challenge is caused by chemicals, Kritika, a changemaker from India, decided to act. She created SOLE, which uses Bio Enzymes to replace harmful chemicals! Bio Enzymes are an eco-friendly, chemical-free, non-toxic solution fermented from fruits, vegetables, flowers, and leaves waste in the presence of jaggery and water. Their vision is to empower youth to make positive switch in their own lives, and the voice to make a sustainable impact on their peers and community. Through her GCM-funded project, she and her team will be managing the wet waste (fruits, vegetables and other plant-based waste) and utilizing this waste to make Bio Enzyme. Plus, to spread this solution, her team is also developing peer-led education program!

Clement Nkengbeza.jpeg

Clement Nkengbeza

Goodwill Fellowship, Cameroon

The future of the world, especially Africa, depends heavily on present-day young people. However, over the years, African youth's potential has been locked by the lack of inspiration and motivation to propel change within their communities. To solve this challenge and engage young people, Clement decided to create a platform to foster ideas and implement them. Through the Goodwill Fellowship Project, young people between 16 and 24 years old in Cameroon will receive the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to transform their social impact ideas into valuable, feasible, and sustainable projects that will bring about positive change within communities!

Kim Allen.jpg

Kim Allen

Tubetube Community Water Dam Project, Papua New Guinea

The impacts of climate change have exacerbated the rise in sea level, change of weather patterns and saltwater intrusion is affecting communities living along the coast. Tubetube island in Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea has been affected by those changes. Kim, a changemaker from the region, took action. The Tubetube Community Water Dam’ project will solve the issue of access to clean water. Over 500 people will have access to spring water supplied from the mountain using a water dam!


Rishav Das

Project SMILE, Nepal

Rishav’s home is located in the beautiful, hilly region of Terai, in northern India and southern Nepal. Terai is especially vulnerable to oral disease, as farmers use and grow tobacco and have little access to oral health education. To educate the community on how to take care of their oral hygiene, Rishav created Project Smile, which will raise awareness, engage the community, gather health professionals, and provide the resources needed for children and families to smile more and smile beautifully!

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