Digital Literacy mentorship program

GCMxSiree | June 27th, 2021

Siree in collaboration with Global Changemakers to upskill young Changemakers with the technological skills that enable them with digital opportunities and tech-savy knowledge to start their organisations or projects. 


The mentorship will span over 2 months, 16 sessions which will take place every Saturday.  The skills included are Web Development through Introduction to HTML, Introduction to Python and SQL. 


The program aims to provide two main takeaways: 


1. Upskill Changemakers with technology related courses and find support in building and visually presenting your project.


2. These skills also embed you with the latest and necessary knowledge required for technology based jobs, study courses and entrepreneurial vision. By familiarising with these skills, the program promotes and further supports women in technology.

Do you want to learn more? Apply now!
We will accept applications until June 27th, 2021.

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For more information, reach out to yamilli@siree.in
This is an independently organised GCMx event hosted in partnership with Siree.
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