Action Club Philippines Wants You to Be Part of Our Committees

Colleen Caryl Leslie Torres - October 22nd, 2012

Action Club Philippines is looking for 50 young Filipinos to become members of the Club!

Action Club is a Global Action Project (GAP) supported by Global Changemakers and the British Council that aims to empower young people in Armenia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, Philippines and Serbia.

Application details are found below. Please note that deadline for applications will be at 11 PM of 31 October 2012, Wednesday.

Who can apply?

 Selection will depend on the role that you’re applying for, but Action Club members should generally be:

  • 15 to 23 years old
  • a Filipino citizen
  • residents of Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines (since operations will primarily be planned in CdO)


What kind of experiences will Action Club members gain?

Opportunities to:

  • make a difference in their communities
  • become members in a global non-profit organization/project
  • meet new equally passionate young people
  • develop their skills through training in project management, team building, negotiation, presentation skills, fundraising, etc.
  • showcase their works to a global community


What activities do Action Club members do?

  • plan events and activities for Action Club Philippines
  • guide the youth in their communities to get active
  • engage with young people from other countries through Action Club’s online platforms


How can I apply?

Applying is really easy!

First, please read the available roles you would like to apply for below. Then complete the online application form found through this link:


Contact Committee: disseminates/spreads information inside and outside Action Club through SMS and/or the Internet and conducts evaluation of AC events



Media Committee: publicizes Action Club events to the general public through social media, newspapers, radio, TV, magazines, etc.


Video Graph Team: films videos in order to raise awareness about Action Club’s work and the works of inspiring young people who are making waves locally

Graphic Design Team: designs Action Club posters, brochures, etc for promotional and personal use

Logistics Committee: coordinates all the supplies and equipment needed during Action Club events and meetings


Venue Committee: finds the venues for all Action Club events and meetings




Finance Committee: handles all the finances of Action Club. Must have had experience in making financial reports.



Program Committee: coordinates all the activities that will be done during Action Club’s events




Registration Committee: manns the registration and information tables during Action Club events and meetings


Deadline for applications will be at 11 PM of 31 October 2012, Wednesday.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to hit us up with a question at [email protected] or contact Charity (Registration Facilitator of Action Club in the Philippines) at 09053663078 or Colleen (co-founder of Action Club) at 09173325984.




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