Packing for Guildford

asania - January 10th, 2008

Allow me to get motherly on you…


As some of us have already started to pack because we’ll be in Guildford before Monday, I thought I should share some tips with you. Some of you are seasoned travellers so you probably know most of the staff, however, if this is your first international trip or first time to such a conference, this is gonna be very useful.


For airport restrictions, please click here. Or simply go to and click on the airport info tab to see what is allowed and what isn’t in terms of baggage and security issues – the last thing you need is to have your bottle of champagne or bubble bath thrown out because it’s not allowed!




Also, if you prefer to have different perfumes for different moods, like me, check that the bottles in your hand luggage are not over 100ml – otherwise they’re gonna throw them out…


Medicine: most airports usually allow over-the-counter meds in your hand luggage, so if you know you suffer from migraines or toothache/earache or whatever ache you have, double check that the meds are not on the banned substance list and bring them with. Although you’ll be able to find the stuff in Guildford, what are the chances that you’ll be eager to walk in the cold to find a pharmacy when you feel like someone is trying to yank your tooth out of your mouth? If you’re asthmatic, bring a spare inhaler.






First of all, think of multi-purpose/flexible clothing items you own; this is to say, instead of bringing a complete outfit for each day, think of what you can mix and match on different days so that you don’t have to have kizillion bags to deal with and increase your risk of losing stuff. Also, think of clothes that can be both casual and formal/smart when you accessorize them differently. This will help particularly if you go to Davos because then you’ll have ‘casual business’ clothes on hand. For instance you can wear your jeans with a hoodie/jumper and ‘timberland’ boots and you’ll be ready to hit the streets and have fun or have a workshop at Guildford. And you wear those jeans with a formal shirt, smart shoes and a blazer/jacket you’re ready to hangout with Richard Branson and me of course….


Don’t leave too many things in the "I’ll do it when I get there" basket because you’re going to be busy at the conference, so avoid getting yourself into difficult situations where you don’t have options..

Okay, that’s enough for now. See you on Monday! Travel safely.




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