Countdown to the Global Youth Summit 2011 (25/10)

Global changemakers - October 25th, 2011

Over the next month, we will be counting down to the sixth Global Changemakers Global Youth Summit, taking place in the UK in November. As part of this countdown we’ll be introducing the participants coming to the summit for a week of training, workshops and networking.

Fredrick (Kenya)

I am 19 years old and from Nairobi, Kenya. I graduated from high school at Rosslyn Academy in May and am currently taking a gap year where I am running a business venture I started recently which deals with promotional items such as t-shirts and polo shirts. I am interested in football, music, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. The areas of activism in which I am most interested and passionate are those of youth work and hunger relief. This past May, I co-organised an indoor football tournament to raise funds towards the purchase of football cleats for a nearby school that was lacking proper playing cleats. We were able to raise just over $200. In June, I co-ran a week-long football camp for boys between the ages of 10 and 13. With regard to my work in hunger relief, I travelled to Turkana, a drought-stricken region in northern Kenya, along with my classmates as part of a cultural field studies program while at Rosslyn Academy. During our 3-day stay in Turkana, we spent a day with some of the families to get a clear understanding of what they go through everyday. At the conclusion of the summit, my primary goal is to use the knowledge and skills I have learned to start up football camps whereby I can use sports to interact with the youth and use it as a medium to spread awareness of issues such as abstinence, drugs and alcohol and sexually transmitted infections. I would also like to run fundraising projects that will look to benefit families in drought-stricken areas of northern Kenya such as Turkana.


Gayane (Armenia)

I am 16 and I attend school at Vahan Tekeyan in Gyumri. I am a volunteer in Community Development and Social Support Center. I am organizing activities for young children from disadvantaged communities and for young children with disabilities. I am interested in reading books, dancing, collecting old coins. I am sure in my decisions; I like to overcome difficulties. I am active in encouraging the disadvantaged groups in community development, to make them believe in future, to assist in their integration into modern society. I like to meet new people, change my experience, obtain new skills, become a useful member for my community.


Giovani (Brazil)

My name is Giovani and I am a 19 year old Youth Ambassador from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Having worked as a volunteer Math and English teacher for adults and teenagers from underserved communities in Rio de Janeiro for about four years, I have a deep interest in education and economics. I was one of the two Brazilian youth representatives at the Youth Ambassadors Summit that took place in Panama in 2010 and I was also elected as the Brazil representative for the International Youth Ambassadors Network Central Leadership Council. I just returned to Brazil from an exchange program to the University of Arkansas, USA, and I study Economics at IBMEC-RJ, one of the most prestigious business schools of Brazil. I strongly want to keep on bringing about change in my community, specially with the knowledge I will acquire at the Summit.





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