Countdown to the Global Youth Summit 2011 (23/10)

Global changemakers - October 23rd, 2011

Over the next month, we will be counting down to the sixth Global Changemakers Global Youth Summit, taking place in the UK in November. As part of this countdown we’ll be introducing the participants coming to the summit for a week of training, workshops and networking.

Faisal (Kuwait)

I am an eighteen year-old soon-to-be Computer Engineering major from Kuwait. I volunteer as an office aide at my local children’s hospital and am a member of the Global Changemakers team, with whom I am writing and producing my first documentary. My film will serve to highlight the inequality issues prevalent in my society. I am also the author of EQUAIT, a blog that promotes human rights awareness and civil rights. I am thrilled to be a participant at this year’s Global Youth Summit! I aim to utilise the knowledge I gain from this experience as a tool to fuel my future post-Summit endeavors.


Faris (Ireland)

My name is Faris, I’m from both Libya and Ireland, and I’m 16 years of age. Although I’ll be 17 by the summit! I lived in Libya for the first 15 years of my life, spending my summers in the forever cold summers of Dublin City. We decided to make the permanent move here to Ireland in July 2009; the winters here are freezing! I currently attend St. Aidan’s CBS. I’m preparing for my Leaving Certificate, and in 2012 I’m going to sit exams in English, Arabic, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Business, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. I hope to study Theoretical Physics in university. My main interests would be reading, writing and a bit of occasional chess. I also enjoy long walks on the beach. When I first got interested in activism, it was mainly environmental activism. Some classmates and I started a group in our school in Libya to raise awareness on environmental issues in our community. After a few months, the group had upwards of 100 members. I was also involved in the opening of the first Centre for Autistic Children in Libya. The team I was part of helped raised money for the Centre, and with advertisement too. Since the series of events that took place in Libya, and are still taking place (hopefully by the summit things will have improved much more!), I’ve gained a great interest in human rights activism; the constant struggle for human rights around the world. I was involved in many demonstrations here in Ireland in support of the Libyan cause, and I was also a part of the team that worked on the Irish Relief Convoy to Libya, which sent food and medical supplies to the people in need around Libya. I also held a Q&A on the situation in Libya on Islamic activist Irshad Manji’s blog in which I answered questions from hundreds of concerned people from all over the world. My ambitions beyond the summit are to get more involved in activism here in Ireland, and particularly get more involved in human rights activism. I hope to join the Irish Anti-War Movement at some stage in the near future, and I feel that with them I can do good for both my community here, and for the greater cause: global human rights.


Fernand (Rwanda)

My name is Fernand. I am 18 and come from Rwanda, also known as the country of thousand hills. I am a high school senior, to graduate next year. I am the founder and Executive Director of the Rwanda 4U Peace Initiative, a youth organization aiming at creating responsible citizenship among young Rwandans aged between 12-25 who are the present and future of my country. I would to see myself as a fervent social entrepreneur in the area of peace building and conflict transformation.


Fidan (Azerbaijan)

I am from Azerbaijan. I live in the capital city Baku and I am 19 years old. I am an undergraduate student currently and I am studying Computing Sciences in Baku State University. Apart from that I’m volunteering for an organisation called NUR, Children and Youth Public Union and also the National Assembly of Youth Organisations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (the national youth council). I have a lot of interests. I am interested it music, art, gardening and Italian cooking. I have worked in many areas of activism such as child rights, public health and HIV/AIDS and education within my organisation during many years. All the activities were successfully determined and implemented. I think that the increasing number of activities and people involved, as well as the positive impact which it brings to community, can be considered as an achievement and is the result of hard work and experience gained in years.




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