Global Changemakers in the media

This year, we have reached 327,476,657 people via the media. The following list is a selection of recent articles, interviews, videos and blogs featuring Global Changemakers around the world.

          Worlds bravest orchestra defies the bombs, The Independent, August 2012

MTV features Changemaker who is tackling climate change, MTV, May 2012

Changemaker aims to counter extremism through culture, First Post/Nato website/Friends of Europe website, April 2012

Have a little faith and you can change the world, Public Service UK, March 2012

Este fin de semana comienza la consulta nacional sobre reconstruccion, CNN Chile, March, 2012

Global Changemakers shows why young people need to be more aware of the impact they have, Huffington Post, November 2011

Felipe Valencia Dongo represents Peru at World Economic Forum, Hora 8/Peruvian TV, May 2011 (YouTube video)

Aos 23, músico brasileiro é o mais jovem participante do fórum no Rio, Fola de S.Paolo, April 2011 (newspaper article)
“Aos 23 anos, mas astúcia e proatividade de negociador experiente, o músico brasileiro Matheus Ortega foi o mais jovem participante do Fórum Econômico Mundial para a América Latina, que terminou na sexta-feira (29), no Rio.”

Global Changemakers TV, Vimeo, February 2011 (Vimeo video)

A younger perspective at Davos, Washington Post, January 2011 (Washington Post blog)
“Most of the sessions at the World Economic Forum’s annual conference in Davos will focus on the future and how it can be bettered, so naturally, a topic of discussion is the “next generation.” How will their consumption patterns change? How will they contribute to society? How will they use technology? How will they lead?”

I-reporter in the mix at Global Summit, CNN, January 2011 (CNN blog)
“The normally sleepy town of Davos, Switzerland, is bustling with world leaders, business executives, social activists and iReport wunderkind Trevor Dougherty. The 18-year-old is attending the World Economic Forum, an annual summit aimed at tackling the problems facing the world.”

The optimism that dare not speak its name, BBC, January 2011 (BBC blog)
“It’s been an unusual Davos. Normally one big topic dominates the event, say trade or poverty, China, climate change or the credit crunch.”

Up close with the Elders and the Global Changemakers, PSI Magazine, January 2011 (magazine article)
“The British Council’s young Global Changemakers are part of a growing global network of young social entrepreneurs and community activists who are at the forefront of running innovative projects in their communities. Here, Heather Kitt, Jaevion Nelson and Trinidad Covarrubias pose questions to each Elder and speak about what drives them to make practical and visible differences in their communities, countries and regions. “

Why “generation next” matters at Davos, Reuters, January 2011 (Reuters blog)
“Among the Davos crowd, better known for its executives and politicians, is a group of people who can offer real insight to these questions. They possess a profound knowledge of “kids these days,” because, drum roll please, that is exactly what they are. Meet the British Council’s Global Changemakers, five teenagers selected from five different countries to represent young people at the World Economic Forum. My name is Trevor, and I am one of them.”

De-rooting Education, V.E.N.T. Magazine, Nepal, January 2011 (magazine article)

“At 19, Nimesh Ghimire is the founder of Minimally Invasive Education, an education project supported by Save the Children-USA, Global Changemakers and the Nepal Government. He recently graduated from Budhanilkantha School and has taken a year off to work on his project before pursuing further studies. In 2009, he got the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Guildford Forum in the UK as a Global Changemaker which has been a turning point in his life.”

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