Global Changemakers at the Global Engagement Summit 2012

Renato Dornelas - April 18th, 2012

Hey folks! This is Renato, a Changemaker from Brazil!

Last year, after attending the Global Youth Summit in the UK, I came back to Brazil with much inspiration and ideas. I felt more prepared to bring a bigger positive change in my community and beyond. Being a Global Changemaker not just supported me with many effective tools to engage and connect thousand of youth in Brazil and around the globe, but it also brought to me opportunities to represent Brazil and stand for my project – React and Change Organization.

So this is how the Global Engagement Summit (here GES) came to my life. GES is completely student-founded, student-organized, and student-run by a team of Northwestern University undergraduate students (Chicago, USA). Through this annual Summit, GES builds the capacity of the next generation of global changemakers. Delegates and staff come together to understand the challenges of and opportunities for their engagement; to hone the skills and mindsets that will enable them to better plan, execute, and participate in change-based projects; and to connect with like-minded peers from around the world.

So I was selected together with Giovani Santos, both Global Changemaker from Brazil, to represent our country in this summit. There we had the pleasure to meet Rico Pichardo, GCM from the Dominican Republic.

I must say that the GES week was by far one of the best in my life. We had the chance to meet lots of people with many projects in diversificate social issues, we shared our ideas and projects, we learned and taught, and we also had a lot of fun in the Windy City!!!

The Summit features a week of capacity-building workshops, critical discussions, community building and networking, and outcome resources. GES is personally tailored to each delegate’s interests, on topics ranging from “social impact metrics” to “blending for-profit and non-profit models” to “using social media for social good,” and connects them with mentors that are leaders of various social change organizations. Over 40 countries, 80 colleges and universities, and 50 non-profits have been represented.

So if you want to know more about GES, here is the website:

Kind regards from Brazil!

Renato Dornelas

[email protected]





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