Countdown to Davos 2011 (6): Mai’s biggest inspiration

Globalchangemakers - January 20th, 2011

What is Mai’s greatest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is random people I meet in different places. It can be anyone. These are people that do special things- whether small or big.

Usually these are people who see the society beyond their own circle and their own friends and family. They care about other people as much as they care for themselves and do something for others, thinking of the society’s interest.

For example, at the Global Youth Summit I met around 60 young people who gave me a lot of inspiration, new ideas and power. We also met there very inspiring people who came to talk and work with us, like Caroline Casey. Yesterday I talked with a friend of mine and I was surprised to find out that he is very interested in peace work and is willing to help me whenever I want. Also, the students in my class and their commitment one to another- to help others where they find difficulties, even if it means sacrifying your own free time.

These people are my biggest inspiration because they do things that I find very important and not obvious to do. I learn a lot from them and their behavior.They strengthen me and remind me that all I’m doing is worth something.

– Mai, Global Changemaker from Israel




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